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  • Jasmine Duran

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Student Handbook

We’re very pleased you’ve accepted your new position at the University Centers! As a student employee you are an integral part of the University Centers staff (over 250 student and career staff) and we are excited to have you join us. It is essential that all of our employees, student and career, reflect positively on the department by providing excellent service, maintaining a positive work environment, and providing the best possible services, programs, and facilities for our patrons – UC San Diego’s students. This handbook will introduce you to a number of very important policies, expectations, and guidelines. Considering the University Centers’ many units and their varying needs, this handbook won’t address area-specific guidelines and policies (you’ll learn more about those from your immediate supervisor and work peers), rather it is our goal to provide you with the necessary information to get you started on the right track at the University Centers and help make your employment a positive and rewarding experience. Whether your main goal is just to earn some extra spending cash, or to enhance your work experience and learn some important life skills, I hope you’ll enjoy your experience at the University Centers and I wish you the best of luck.

Sharon Van Bruggen




University Centers is comprised of Price Center East & West and the Student Center. Established in 1974, the Student Center was the focal point for student activity on campus. But with the increasing number of students each year, UC San Diego needed a larger facility to accommodate the growing number of students. In April 1989, the Price Center was built, named after Sol Price who funded the new facility. The Price Center and Student Center offered students a place to get involved with the campus community as well as employment opportunities. In May 2006, the Price Center & Student Center underwent renovations to meet the needs of the growing student population. The expansion of Price Center, known as Price Center East received an “Honor Award” for architecture even before it was completed in 2008. Today, we are the hub of UC San Diego campus life, providing students with spaces to eat, shop, play, relax, meet, and belong.


As the community center of campus, the mission of University Centers - the Price Center and Student Centers - is to:       

• Provide a welcoming environment to all       

• Meet the daily needs of the campus       

• Enrich students’ experience of campus life

• Encourage the campus community to gather, interact, and exchange ideas and opinions       

• Strengthen students’ connection and affiliation with UCSD       

• In fulfilling its mission, the University Centers provides:       

 • Food and retail services       

• A variety of lounge spaces       

• Facilities to help students with their studies       

• Meeting and event space for student organizations and campus departments       

• A broad variety of events and programs        

• Office space for student organizations       

• Exhibits about UCSD, including history and accomplishments University Centers is a student-centered organization. Through its advisory board, it seeks student input in determining its policies, facilities, and services. Through student employment, it provides student leadership experiences.



• Always be on time

• Contact your supervisor, prior to the start of your shift if there are changes in your schedule.       

• Provide a welcoming environment to all and exercise great customer service.       

• Wear the required uniform and/or dress appropriately.

• Use shift time to complete work-related projects and complete tasks and responsibilities in a timely manner.        

• Only use University property and equipment for work-related tasks.

• Always observe safety rules and practices. Report any accidents/injuries to your supervisor immediately.        

• Remember to clock IN and OUT! Don’t forget to verify and sign your timecard.• Visit the University Centers intranet ( for updated information and news!


Appearance and dress should be job appropriate. We are a customer-service orientated organization and professionalism in your appearance is important. Some University Centers departments require uniforms which will be issued. Employees are required to maintain uniforms clean and soil free. If your attire is found to be inappropriate, you may be asked to leave work (without pay) and return in something more appropriate. Use of crude language (swearing, insults, etc.) is not acceptable. Any disagreements that may arise should be resolved in a professional manner and never in front of customers.During your work hours, do not engage in activities that are not directly related to your work. Examples include, but are not limited to games, Internet surfing, personal visitors/phone conversations, sleeping, misappropriation of state property, etc.



You and your supervisor will decide on a work schedule for each quarter of employment. Once a work schedule has been agreed upon, it’s important you report to work promptly and keep schedule changes to a minimum. You are expected to report to work for your scheduled hours, unless

1) You have found a qualified substitute, for cases which substitutes are permissible and notified your supervisor.

2) You have obtained prior, verbal or written, approval for your absences from you supervisor.

For final exams, supervisors will allow flexible schedules when requests are made in advance. Unauthorized absences are grounds for disciplinary action. If you are unable to report to work because of illness or emergency, notify your supervisor immediately. Supervisors will discuss the proper procedures and contact information for calling in an absence. Remember, direct contact with your supervisor is required when calling in an absence. Emails and text messages are not acceptable forms of calling in an absence.


Student employees scheduled to work 6 or more hours during any day are required by law to take a 30-minute non-paid break or meal period. Student may not forfeit their right to a meal break, break period will automatically be deducted from timecard hours & breaks must be reflected on the timecard. Employees are allowed rest periods as indicated and as scheduled by the supervisor:

Scheduled                       Rest Periods

3-5.75 hours                   (1) 15-minute break

6 hours                            (1) 30-minute non-paid

8 hours                            (1) 30-minute non paid + (2) 15-minute breaks


If you have moved or updated your phone number, please notify the Student Life Human Resources office with the changes at or stop by our office.


As a student employee you will be paid on a bi-weekly pay-cycle (every other Wednesday). Checks are available after 12PM at Student Life HR rm. 3.316/3.317. Remember, you must sign for your own paycheck – proof of identity may be required.


Employees are responsible for maintaining the integrity and security of the computer, telephone, and radio systems. Employees must agree to use the network in a legal and ethical manner which respects the rights, privacy, and needs of others. Employees must honor copyright and license agreements which do not interfere with the operation, integrity, or security of the network. All communications are to reflect the mutual respect and civility of the academic community. Abuse of the network privilege will result in suspension of access.Personal technology such as iPods, cell phones, laptops & MP3 players are not permitted.


The DC Plan is a pretax retirement account overseen by Fidelity. If you registered in less than 12 units in a summer quarter or at any time during your employment with UCSD and worked over 20 hrs/wk during that period, you qualify for the Defined Contribution Plan (DC Plan), which automatically deducts retirement money from your paycheck. If you meet the qualifications stated above, 7.5% of your earnings were automatically deducted from your paycheck in the qualifying pay period and deposited into an account. To retrieve this money, go to: after 30 days of your separation from UCSD.  You will need to create a log in and password to access your account.  Once you log in, there will be instructions on how to retrieve this money.


Direct Deposit statements are available online only. To view your direct deposit history, click on the “log on to my accounts” at:

First-time users  

Click on: New User and don't have a password            

Username: Social Security #      

You will then receive an email to your UCSD Email (contact Student Life HR if this fails). The email will contain a temporary password. 

Click on: New to UC and have a temporary password?

Enter: SS# and temporary password.  

Once you have logged in for the first time you can customize a password by clicking the “my security preferences” icon

If your password fails, you can have it reset by calling UCOP at: 800.888.8267..


If you are employed by one or more campus departments, it’s your responsibility to track hours worked and ensure that you not exceed 40 hours per week for all campus positions.

The University Centers will coordinate your appointment percentage based on actual hours worked in each position.

Example: King Triton works at the Bookstore and Bike Shop. If he works 12.75 hours a week at the Bookstore he must work less than 27.00 hours a week at the Bike Shop.        

12.75 + 27.00 < 40.00 hours

A student working multiple positions cannot work greater than 50% time for more than 4-consecutive months among all campus jobs.


When the time comes to end employment with the University Centers, for whatever reason, employees are responsible to do the following.

1. Notify your supervisor in writing.

2. Complete the Student Separation Form and bring it to Student Life Human Resources Office 3-days prior to your final day of employment.

California law requires the University to provide all employees with a final paycheck on their last day of employment. Final wages paychecks are issued as paper checks (as opposed to direct deposit).


Department policy requires the use of University Centers issued ID badges at all times during the course of a work shift. Identification badges provide a consistent method of identification and establish a safe work place for employees and our patrons. Employees are responsible for reporting lost or stolen identification badges.


Notify your supervisor as soon as you have been summons for jury duty. Unpaid leave will be granted to student employees to attend jury duty. Supervisor may require proof of attendance.


Student employment positions are designed for part-time employment- less than 50% time or less than 19.50 hours per week. Overtime is defined as working in excess of 40 hours per working week. If students work overtime, they are eligible for paid overtime at either their straight or premium rate. In the case of a holiday, they may be eligible for holiday pay. Student employees cannot work in excess of 6 months at over 50% time or over part-time status.


The Student Life Student Employee of the Quarter program recognizes one or two student employees each quarter who have shown exemplary behavior in taking initiative and adding responsibility to their work load. Supervisor nominations are submitted each fall, winter, and spring to Student Life HR. Recognized students are rewarded at the end of each quarter. Recognition includes a $75 Visa Gift Card. The University Centers hosts various events during the academic year to celebrate student employees.


Shift differential refers to extra pay received by employees for working a less-than desirable shift (i.e., late nights, evenings). The University pays shift differential at the rate of .52 cents per hour, over your regular rate, when you work a minimum of 4 hours after 5:00PM and before 8:00AM. Shift pay is applied to the entire shift when eligible. 


Student employees are eligible to earn sick leave on a monthly basis proportional to hours on pay status. Sick leave hours can only be taken in proportion to the employee’s appointment time percentage and for the following events:

  • Employee illness or medical appointments 
  • Illness of a family member or individual in the employee’s household
  • Medical appointments for a family member or individual in the employee’s household       
  • Bereavement

Example: King Triton is employed at 20% time. This is 8.00 hours per week. King cannot use more than 8.00 hours of sick time per week. Sick leave may not be used prior to its accrual.

Graduating seniors, and those employees with a pre-determined separation date, will be required to provide a medical excused form a licensed medical professional for all sick hours, upon the supervisors request.


Be sure to complete your timecard accurately with name, date, and signature. One timecard is used for the entire 2-week pay period. Check your timecard before submitting it to your supervisor for any inaccuracies. If you are a House Manager, Maintenance, Custodial, or a Gameroom employee, please check for time clock errors. Tech, Marketing, Business, Bike & Skate, and CSI Community & Leadership, employees please make sure timecards are legible.

Time clock:                     Round to:

:00 - :07                           (:00)

:08 - :22                           (:15)

:23 - :37                           (:30)

:38 - :52                           (:45)

:53 - :00                           (:00)

Students are responsible for submitting accurate timekeeping records. Timecards are to be signed only by the employee and their immediate supervisor. Timecards submitted without the employee’s signature will not be processed. Additionally, if a timecard is unclear or is missing information it will be returned for corrections; the hours in question will not be processed until the following pay-period.


Student employees begin to accrue vacation only after working at or above 50% time for 6-consectutive months- vacation accrues on the seventh month. The department policy prohibits vacation accrual by student employees. Student employees who work greater than 50% time for 4-consecutive months must curtail their hours to less than 50% time by the fifth month. If an employee fails to curtail their hours, the department will suspend employment via involuntary separation for a minimum of 2-weeks. Suspension of employment will be automatic and non-negotiable. It’s both the student and supervisor’s responsibility to monitor percentage of working hours by viewing the employees Leave Accrual Summary Report (LASR). By logging on and creating an account at:


W-2 statements are available online on or before the federal deadline of Jan. 31. If you choose to have your W-2 mailed to you, the statements are mailed to the permanent mailing address listed in the Payroll Personnel System at time of hire. Employees can elect to receive their W-2 in the mail by logging on to:

UCSD’s Federal tax identification number is 95-6006144.



The following dismissal process will be followed when an employee performs poorly (i.e. excessive tardiness and substitution, absenteeism, rules violations, etc.):1. A verbal warning will be given at the time of an incident and a note will be made in the staff member’s file.2. A written warning will be given after the second offense and a copy will remain in the staff member’s file. 3. If improvement does not occur, the staff member will receive a written notice of dismissal.Immediate dismissal may occur for a serious offense. Reasons for immediate dismissal may include, but are not limited to, the following:   

     • Theft   

     • Intoxication/drug usage while on the job    

     • Damage to facilities/equipment intentionally or through negligence  

     • Allowing unauthorized use of facilities or equipment     

     • Refusal to carry out a reasonable assignment    

     • Falsifying a University Center timesheet     

     • Failure to attend a mandatory meeting without prior approval    

     • Improper behavior (includes driving vehicles without a valid CA Drivers License)


The University has a “zero tolerance” policy for discrimination and harassment. If you feel that you are the victim of discrimination, harassment, or unfair treatment, then you are encouraged to talk to your supervisor. Unsatisfactory treatment of a student employee can also be reported to the Student Life Human Resources Office. It is the intention of the University to take whatever action may be needed to prevent, correct, and discipline behavior which violates policy.UC San Diego’s Office of Sexual Harassment Prevention & Policy (OSHPP) provides an online education program for staff and students. To access this program visit:


Performance evaluations are used as a tool to encourage discussion between the employee and the immediate supervisor regarding performance and training. A student employee’s work performance is periodically evaluated in accordance with the specified training program for their position. At the time of the evaluation, it is at the supervisor’s discretion whether a student employee will move to the next level of the training program. Moving to the next level generally includes a pay increase. A completed performance evaluation for pay increase must be submitted to HR for process which takes 2-3 weeks. (see payrate summary).


Employees and students shall not use illegal substances or abuse legal substances in a manner that impairs work performance, scholarly activities, or student life. Employees in violation of this policy, including student employees if circumstances warrant, may be subject to corrective action, up to and including dismissal, or may be required to participate in an employee support program. Students in violation of this policy may be subject to corrective action, up to and including dismissal, or may be required to participate in a treatment program. The University recognizes dependency on alcohol and other drugs as a treatable condition and offers programs and services for substance dependency problems. Employees and students are encouraged to seek assistance as appropriate from employee support programs, health centers, and counseling or psychological services at University locations or through referral. Information about an employee or student obtained during participation in such programs or services will be treated as confidential.For help with substance abuse, see Counseling & Psychological Services under Campus Services.



UC San Diego developed the Injury & Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) in response to a state law that requires safety training for all employees. The program’s purpose is to help employees understand and avoid on-the-job risks.All employees must attend an IIPP course once during their career at UCSD. New employees should attend within 30 days of hire. This includes student employees, graduate students, and visiting scholars who receive compensation from UCSD.The University Centers coordinates group IIPP training for student employees during the fall and winter quarters. If you missed a group training, or were hired after training was provided, you can sign up to get the training at:

Employees are required to provide their supervisors with a Certificates of Completion. Certificates are kept in employee’s personnel file and 1.5 hours will be added to the next available pay period.


Employees may be required to use University Centers’ keys in order to perform their job. It is essential to the safety of our facilities that all staff abides by the check out and return procedures for keys. Under no circumstances should you lend your keys to anyone; you are responsible for keys will they are checked out under your care. University Centers’ keys may not leave the premises for any reason.


Some positions will require the use of two-way radios. In order to communicate appropriately follow these rules:

  • Be Brief & Professional: remember lots of people use the same channel.
  • Confirm the information you are given: sometimes radio conversations are incomplete because one party cannot hear the other party. Make sure to confirm that you have heard and understood an instruction.
  • Be discrete: Use a telephone for private conversations.
  • End Comments with ‘Over’: Use “over” when done speaking for the moment. Use “over and out” when the conversation is over so that others who want to speak can jump into the conversation when you are done.Always return radios and other University equipment to their designated location(s) at the end of every shift. Under no circumstances should radios leave the premises.


No smoking is permitted in any indoor area, or within 25 feet of the main entrance or exit to any facility owned or leased by UCSD, including but not limited to: administrative offices, auditoriums, classrooms, clinics, conference rooms, elevators, food service areas, hallways, laboratories, libraries, lobbies, lounges, machine shops, private offices, reception areas, restrooms, stairwells, theaters, university vehicles, & waiting rooms. Enforcement: Any problems should be brought to the attention of the appropriate supervisor or department head. If a problem cannot be resolved in this manner, speak with the HR department.


Employees may be required to operate University Center vehicles are depending on their work area and specific job responsibilities. Any employee required to operate a department vehicle must have a valid California Driver License on file. An employee must notify their supervisor if their license was suspended or if it has expired. Operating University Centers’ vehicles without a valid California Drivers License will result in immediate termination. Any accidents that occur while operating a vehicle should be reported to the employee’s supervisor. Employees must abide by all California driving laws and are responsible for any and all citations that are issued to them while operating a University Centers vehicle. Use of University Centers vehicles are for business purposes only and may not, under any circumstances, be used for personal use.Supervisors are responsible for ensuring employees receive proper training in the operation of University Centers vehicles before allowing employees to operate them.


1. Notify your supervisor immediately       

2. Report the injury to the UCSD Workers Compensation Office

3. See medical treatment, if needed at a UCSD Center for Occupational & Environmental Medicine (COEM) clinic, unless the incident requires emergency care or treatment is needed after COEM hours of operation.                                       

Campus location

8899 University Center Lane, Suite 160
San Diego, CA 92122

858) 657-1600 (Call for an appointment, please)
Monday–Friday, 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. 

4. Review how to file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits



Call 534-WALK (9255) for an escort to anywhere on campus.The Community Service Officer (CSO) Program serves the UCSD campus community by providing a campus safety escort service 365 days/year from sunset until 1:00 a.m.(at which time, either RSOs or police officers are available to handle escorts). CSOs also patrol parking lots on the campus during the day and lockup various campus buildings on weekends and holidays. CSO special details vary from lockup services to security at campus buildings, events, and conferences. CSOs respond to medical emergencies, monitor for adherence to alcohol and drug policies, and check for proper identification while working special details. The paid training program for CSOs includes CPR/First Aid, officer safety, traffic control, I.D. checking, report writing, and University policies and procedures.


Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) provides individual, group, couples, and family psychotherapy to registered undergraduate and graduate student. Services are free of charge to currently enrolled students who have paid their registration fees. Students consult with us about personal, academic and relationship problems. CAPS Central Office is located at Galbraith Hall, Room 190, 8:00am-4:30pm.


Student Health Service provides quality primary medical care, including urgent care and support services such as laboratory, pharmacy, and x-ray with primary care physicians’ board certified in Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Gynecology, Sports Medicine, Rheumatology, and Mental/Behavioral Health.SHS is located on Library Walk, west of the Price Center, south of Geisel Library and regular hours of operation are: Mon, Wed, Fri 8:00am-4:30pm; Tues & Thu 9:00am-4:30pm.

Principles of Community

The University of California, San Diego is dedicated to learning, teaching, and serving society through education, research, and public service. Our international reputation for excellence is due in large part to the cooperative and entrepreneurial nature of the UCSD community. UCSD faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to be creative and are rewarded for individual as well as collaborative achievements.To foster the best possible working and learning environment, UCSD strives to maintain a climate of fairness, cooperation, and professionalism. These principles of community are vital to the success of the university and the well being of its constituents. UCSD faculty, staff, and students are expected to practice these basic principles as individuals and in groups.

We value each member of the UCSD community for his or her individual and unique talents, and applaud all efforts to enhance the quality of campus life. We recognize that each individual’s effort is vital to achieving the goals of the university.

We affirm each individual’s right to dignity and strive to maintain a climate of justice marked by mutual respect for each other.

We value the cultural diversity of UCSD because it enriches our lives and the university. We celebrate this diversity and support respect for all cultures, by both individuals and the university as a whole.

We are a university that adapts responsibly to cultural differences among the faculty, staff, students, and community.

We acknowledge that our society carries historical and divisive biases based on race, ethnicity, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, religion, and political beliefs. Therefore, we seek to foster understanding and tolerance among individuals and groups, and, we promote awareness through education and constructive strategies for resolving conflict.

We reject acts of discrimination based on race, ethnicity, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, religion, and political beliefs, and, we will confront and appropriately respond to such acts.

We affirm the right to freedom of expression at UCSD. We promote open expression of our individuality and our diversity within the bounds of courtesy, sensitivity, confidentiality and respect.

We are committed to the highest standards of civility and decency toward all. We are committed to promoting and supporting a community where all people can work and learn together in an atmosphere free of abusive or demeaning treatment.

We are committed to the enforcement of policies that promote the fulfillment of these principles.

We represent diverse races, creeds, cultures, and social affiliations coming together for the good of the university and those communities we serve. By working together as members of the UCSD community, we can enhance the excellence of our institution.